Conquering Horde

The Monstrous Races which took over the continent ten years ago refer to themselves as the Conquering Horde. They follow The Cursed God.

The Horde has set up governance as a series of fiefdoms and city-states, loosely linked by their common worship (and fear) of The Cursed God. Individual regions are ruled by the more intelligent and stronger creatures. Cities are commonly kept in order by Hobgoblin warlords, while outlying areas are ruled by a variety of races.

The "civilized races" which previously ruled the continent in their own Kingdoms have been subjugated into slavery, though their exact state varies wildly by region. In more "civilized" areas, many of these folks are only nominally enslaved and have rights and duties equal to many of the lesser conquering races. In other areas, they are denigrated and forced to the most menial duties – or kept only as fodder for trolls and ogres. The conquerors are still struggling to establish widespread bureaucracy and consistent rules and laws across their territories, especially with their citizen races so varied and historically at war with one another.

Known races which are part of the Conquering Horde include:








Conquering Horde

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