Mission 3

Although the Horde's hand is relatively light here in the Greenlands, throughout most of the continent non-Horde are forbidden from using healing magics – leaving many folks unnecessarily scarred and maimed. The Resistance regularly sends supply runs with Courier groups to selected trusted contacts in these harder lands, who can hand out healing potions and the like to help foster loyalty to the Resistance and willingness to fight back against the Horde.

In the deserts of Hali-Ka to the south, the city of Jal stands on the coast as a bastion of the Horde where non-Horde are severely oppressed. The Resistance has been working with communities on the coast nearby and asks the PCs to run supplies (10 Healing Potions to each community) down to several of these areas. A smuggler's ship has been prearranged from the coast near Opal to bypass the dangerous mountains. The trip overall is expected to take about two weeks – a couple days to get to Hali-Ka, a bit over a week to travel among communities and distribute supplies, and a couple days back up on the same ship which will meet them just south of the final village.

There are three communities to visit: An Lo, Sera-Von, and Tai Ne. All are primarily composed of Humans and Half-Elves, though their populations have been greatly reduced since pre-Horde days and Sera-Von especially is barely surviving. The three are coastal hamlets that subsist off the small strip of green between the ocean and the trackless desert. Last contact with the hamlets was about four months ago on the last supply run, so tread cautiously.

Gnoll packs are known to run rampant across the desert and often disobey their Horde higher-ups. When traveling between the hamlets, keep an eye out for these vicious predators and be prepared to defend yourselves. The hamlets themselves should be reasonably safe, but one never knows around the Horde.

Mission 3

The Darkening Polare